Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Activating Office 2010

You will not be eligible to exploit all the features of your Office 2010 package unless it’s activated. Microsoft Product activation is an anti-piracy technology designed in order to verify that your MS Office package has been legitimately activated. This process will be carried out by entering the product key which is unique based on your machine ID.

This “Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Generator” can be downloaded simply by clicking on the Link. 

Here are some screenshots of my Office 2010 Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access packages.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Access

How to Activate

1.  You may see a warning identical to the below Screenshot emphasizing that your Package is not activated. 

Now you have to activate your Office 2010 Suite. Or you can Activate just after installing Office 2010 Suite on your Computer. Same Process can be followed in both occasions.

2. First Go to any of Office Package. (E.G Word)

File >>>Help >>>Change Product Key

3. Clicking on “Change Product Key” would display the following picture.

4. Now Copy and Paste the Generated Activation Key by The Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Activator.

You can have a extensive awareness regarding the Product key Generation Process by watching the YouTube Video.

About Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is the successor to Office 2007 and includes extended file format support, User Interface Updates, and a changed user experience than previous versions of Office packages.
MS Office 2010 is the 1st version to require Product Activation for Volume Licensing editions.


A greater range of new file formats (extensions) have been introduced in Office 2010.

The followings can be identified as new changes:
  • Built in screen capture Tool
  • Background Removal Tool
  • New SmartArt Templates
  • Author Permissions
  • A Menu button which replaces “Office 2007 Button” facilitating a full window file menu, known as Backstage View.
  • Letter Styling
  • Modified Ribbon Interface
  • New Text and Image editing effects
  • Clipping Tools
  • Live collaboration functions
  • Jump Lists in Windows 7
  • New animations and Transitions (PowerPoint)
  • Synchronous scrolling (Word)
  • Outlook Social Connector which enables the user to connect to and receive updates from Social sites (E.g.:- Facebook)
However there are some features that have been removed from Office 2010 which were in 2007.

  • Diagnostic Tool
  • Start-up Assistant
  • Auto Summary (MS Word)
  • Smart Tag auto recognition (MS Word)
  • Replication Conflict viewer (MS Access)
  • Calendar ActiveX Controller (MS Access)
  • Exchange 2000 Connectivity (MS Outlook)
  • Exchange Message Security Feature Support (MS Outlook)
  • Macro Reader (MS PowerPoint)
  • Save as Web Page feature (MS PowerPoint)

The New Look of Office Suite has been able to attract more users. Some screenshots are:

MS Word

MS Excel

MS PowerPoint

MS Access